NLP Coaching Demonstrations ~ How to Use them in Certification

nlp life coaching demonstration
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At the iNLP Center I’ve been doing NLP, life coaching, and NLP coaching demonstrations for some time now. Students who are taking one of our NLP or life coach training programs find it helpful to see the tools in action and ask questions during and after the demo.

And I love doing NLP and life coaching demonstrations, so….win/win!

This week, I’m being asked to do an ongoing NLP and/or life coaching demonstration series – a weekly class that is open to all students. Anyone enrolled can come as participate. One student will (hopefully) volunteer to be coached and now we’ve got a weekly, live demonstration.

Notes on the Rules and Norms for the Weekly Coaching Demonstration @inlpcenter

A student volunteers to be coached by me. No prearrangement – just spontaneous volunteers.

I will coach as I normally coach real clients – not bending the coaching to make a point for the benefit of beginners (is this a good idea?). And not simplifying what I do.

These will be real coaching demonstrations that might not follow any cookie-cutter methods. Time for the training wheels to come off! At least, I won’t be wearing any:)

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